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AGM Technology

At your side – with world class AGM batteries
The ADAC breakdown statistics identify discharged 12V batteries as one of the major causes for EV breakdowns. Different factors stress conventional batteries beyond their capabilities. The AGM technology is the most robust choice for EV demands and proved its reliability in millions of different start-stop vehicles and applications. It allows power pulse capabilities which provide electricity in emergency situations as well as high cycling and deep discharge robustness. They also offer inherent safety compared to Li-ion batteries and flooded batteries due to being robust against over and undervoltage, leak proof and having a very mild reaction in the event of any internal short circuits. Based on the maturity of electric vehicles, the 12V battery used may change depending on the model year. Also, a vehicle introduced with SLI technology may transition to AGM throughout its lifecycle. Our battery portfolio covers 90% of all EVs already as we keep expanding and stabilizing the coverage.

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